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Are you in love with Downtown Independence too? 
Then become an IDA supporter to help downtown flourish! 

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Your Donation's Impact

Supports the Last Day of School Celebration
A free event that IDA hosts on the last day of school for all school children K-12 to attend and celebrate the beginning of summer. Local businesses, charities, and non-profits participate to make the day special and your donation allows us to purchases items for the kids.

Supports the Upkeep of the Holiday Wreaths
We all know the winter season can be rough in the Willamette Valley, and the holiday wreaths need replacing from year to year.

Purchases a Flower Basket
Everyone loves our glorious flower baskets. They are hung on the lamp posts that also have water piped in to regularly water the baskets.

Supports the Events IDA Provides
The work IDA does is 100% powered by volunteers. The cost for hosting an event can add up quickly. Providing funds to help purchase garbage bags, pop ups, tables, decorations, giveaways, etc. has a remarkable impact.

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